Autograph Request


Due to increased autograph demands, scheduling availability and our desire to best serve the collective needs of all Brian Vickers fans in an equitable manner, Scio Verum has instituted new guidelines for fans requesting a Brian Vickers autograph:

  1. ONLY officially-licensed merchandise, excluding Press Pass and similar trading cards, will be accepted for autograph
    1. Trading cards are no longer accepted due to excessive request volume, online resale abuses by collectors and conflicts with special-edition autographed card series
    2. Items may be from current or past seasons, so long as they are recognized as officially-licensed goods
    3. Examples of acceptable items include diecast, apparel, hats, etc... manufactured by NASCAR/Scio Verum/Team-approved licensees
    4. Examples of non-acceptable items include personal photos, magazine articles, press clippings, unlicensed or homemade goods, etc…
    5. Individual households are limited to a total of two (2) autograph requests per calendar year.
    6. All autograph requests MUST include proper return packaging and return postage – no exceptions. Please visit the United States Postal Service website to determine the actual U.S. postage rates required.
    7. When sending personal items (ex. – diecast) to be signed, the sender is responsible for including proper return shipping packaging and any shipping insurance desired. Please note that any damage due to shipping must be referred directly to the carrier service. Scio Verum cannot be responsible for damages due to carriers' negligence.
    8. Please allow minimum 8-12 weeks for processing and return delivery of items.
    9. Scio Verum reserves the right to amend its autograph policies, at its sole discretion, without notice.

Approved autograph requests meeting the aforementioned guidelines may be forwarded to:

Att: Autograph Request
27 High Tech Blvd.
Thomasville, NC 27360